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Congressman Tim Scott Rips Administration for Bypassing Congress Yet Again


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tim Scott (SC-01) today released the following statement in regards to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) unilateral directive changing work requirements for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program:

"Unfortunately the current President and his Administration have decided that when they don't like something, they can circumvent Congress and ignore the rule of law. It is akin to a child who doesn't get what he or she wants, so they take their ball and go home.

By gutting the work requirements for TANF, HHS has completely changed the foundation of one of the welfare reforms passed in a bipartisan fashion in 1996. TANF has been one of the most successful, and only, welfare programs that has promoted independence from the system. By requiring recipients to take an active roll in improving their situation, instead of simply relying on the government, the TANF program has moved 2.8 million families off welfare and into a job.

Too often, Washington treats the symptoms without diagnosing the problem. By providing a path to employment in exchange for help for families in need, TANF was actually getting it right. You don't improve people's lives with handouts, you improve people's lives by showing them, as I learned growing up in the inner city in a single parent household, that you can think and work your way out of poverty.

But, as we've seen with a multitude of issues, the President has decided the rule of law no longer matters and that his Administration can make changes to existing law with absolutely no oversight. We have a little document called the Constitution, which clearly shows how this nation should be run -- and this isn't it."

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