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Rep. Miller: Immediate Action Needed to Stop the Spread of Asian Carp


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today made the following comments regarding the positive eDNA test results indicating the spread of Asian carp within the Chicago Area Waterway System and making its way closer to Lake Michigan. Miller said:

"While I am pleased that the Asian carp Regional Coordinating Committee is activating a level one response after finding more Asian carp eDNA in samples taken very close to Lake Michigan, it is outrageous that after so many years of this invasive species' relentless approach to our Great Lakes that more decisive action is still not being taken. The devastation that would be wrought on the fragile Great Lakes ecosystem if the Asian carp is able to reach these precious waters is incalculable. Enacting a permanent solution that prevents Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes, including the closing of locks in the Chicago River and the use of hydrologic separation, must be implemented soon before the totally predictable and irrevocably harmful outcome of this invasive species within the Great Lakes becomes a reality. I am disappointed with the Administration for being so cavalier towards the threat posed by this invasive species. It is vital to take immediate and absolute action to protecting our Great Lakes."

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