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Say "No" to Cuts in Food Assistance

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PETERS. Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to the proposed $16.5 billion in cuts to SNAP in the farm bill.

SNAP is the most important antihunger program in the Nation, helping more than 46 million Americans put food on the table every day. Far too many hardworking Michiganders are struggling to feed their children. Nearly one in five Michigan households face food insecurity each and every day.

Having met with many of the good folks working in our food banks, they're already stretched too thin. I'm appalled that Republicans think that it's a good idea to kick millions of children, seniors, and families off of food assistance so they can provide massive, taxpayer-funded subsidies for wealthy agribusinesses.

I call on my Republican colleagues to join me and stand up for those who are most vulnerable in our society. We need to send a clear message that we will never vote to take food away from hungry children. No one in our country should go hungry.

I urge my colleagues to say ``no'' to cuts in food assistance.


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