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GOP Freshman Special Order

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACK. Thank you, my colleague from New York. I want to thank you for managing this Special Order tonight because we cannot talk about this issue enough. We have got to continue to make sure that the American people are aware of this devastating bill called ObamaCare, or the Patient Affordability Act.

Now, having been a nurse for over 40 years and working in the health care system, we have the best health care in the world. I have done medical mission trips in other parts of the world, and I can tell you they don't come anywhere near providing the kind of quality service that we have here in this country. As a matter of fact, we will see people from other countries come to the United States to get that care because they know across this world that we provide the best health care in the world.

But I'm not going to disagree that the system is broken and does need some repair.

We do need to have more accessibility. We do need to lower the cost, and we need to make sure that, while doing that, we maintain and increase quality.

However, what has happened in the bill that was passed some 3 years ago now by our colleagues on the other side of the aisle, there wasn't transparency, there wasn't input by those who were providing care and that are a part of the system, and we didn't see patient-centered care.

There are other solutions. This is not the only solution. And as my colleague from New York shows this chart, this very complicated chart, when Nancy Pelosi said that we have to pass this bill to know what's in it, she was correct, because as we look at these 139 different agencies that still are going to have to be created and rules and regulations that need to be promulgated, we have no clue of what's going to be happening with this health care system now for the next 5 to 8 years.

We do have some solutions, good solutions that are patient-centered, that are market-driven solutions, such as HSAs, which really have not been given a chance. But HSAs are a very, very good way, especially for the young. Many of the young people that are currently not insured are not insured because they can't see a reason for paying for the very expensive insurance that's out there and available for them.

Things such as removing the barriers from purchasing your health care across State lines, these are some good, market-driven ideas that will bring the cost of health care down and give patients more opportunity for them to make decisions about what's best for them in their health care.

Also, tort reform. We know tort reform has worked in those States where it has been successfully implemented. Tort reform needs to be done across the entire country.

These are real solutions that allow the patient to be in the driver seat to make those decisions about what's best for them.

But, instead, what do we have?

We have a law that's devastating our economy, and it is wrong medicine for our health care system.

Three-quarters of our small businesses--and I know that as I visit these small businesses across my district, they're the bedrock of the U.S. economy--say the law is preventing them from hiring people. And all of this, and health care costs continue to soar, so it hasn't done anything to bring the cost down. What we're seeing is the cost escalating.

And to make matters worse, ObamaCare will result in millions of Americans being dropped from their employers' health insurance plans and pushed on the government-run health insurance. And all of this, all of this results in more deficit spending and more tax hikes for the middle class folks.

The President has said as recently as this week that he does not want to raise taxes on the middle class. He also says he wants Congress to focus on job creation and the economy.

But, Mr. President, the House has voted yet again to do just that. By repealing ObamaCare, we can prevent this crippling tax on the middle class, and this will also lift the cloud of uncertainty and other job-killing taxes that are wreaking havoc on our economy and our health care system.

It's been 41 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent, and it doesn't look like things are going to change very soon. If the President is committed to helping the middle class like he says, then he will join us in doing away with this law that is increasing the tax

burden and the cost of health care for all Americans. Americans deserve better.

Thank you again, my colleague from New York, for managing this time to allow us to be able to talk to the American people and help them understand there are real solutions out there.


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