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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WALBERG. I thank the chairman.

Mr. Speaker, my friends across the aisle decry the fact that we have now voted over 30 times to defund, dismantle, and repeal the law. But, Mr. Speaker, isn't

it right to challenge a tool of destruction of the American health care system, the economy, and personal freedom of choice?

In Michigan the law has stifled economic growth and hiring and raised health care costs for everyone.

It would impose 21 new or higher taxes, 12 of which directly affect the middle class, workers and families. It would lead to a gross tax increase of almost $570 billion over 10 years. It will cost $1.8 trillion over the next 10 years, nearly double the original estimate.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has failed to decide what government-approved health insurance will look like, leaving employers uncertain about the future expenses and taxes they will face. White Castle, in a hearing just prior to this, has indicated they have held back on creating 400-plus new jobs because of this uncertainty.

As if the cost of jobs and the economy wasn't enough of a negative, ObamaCare also cuts $500 billion from Medicare to finance new entitlement programs. It reduces Medicare care itself. According to the American Medical Association, one in three primary care doctors already limit the number of new Medicare patients they take due to the cost. Once the law is fully enacted, CMS estimates that about 15 percent of Medicare part A providers will become unprofitable and drop out entirely, leaving seniors with fewer options.

Additionally, the President's handpicked 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board is even more troubling. Its purpose is to control future Medicare spending so that if Medicare grows beyond what is sustainable, the Board has the power to recommend cuts and ration care.

Rights of conscience violations are mandated in this bill. This must stop.

I recommend all my colleagues support the repeal of this bill in going back to a patient-centered approach that offers this health care system sustainability and care for our citizens.

Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself 30 seconds.

I would ask my friend from Michigan if he could just stay for a question.

My friend from Michigan just said that there is an estimate that the bill has doubled in cost, and I have read all the CBO analyses of this bill. I wonder if the gentleman could tell me the source of his statement from the Congressional Budget Office that the bill has doubled in cost from the original estimate.

I yield to the gentleman.

Mr. WALBERG. I appreciate you yielding.

It is the CBO. Go to the Congressional Budget Office. They have directly stated that it would double.


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