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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCOTT of South Carolina. Madam Speaker, why are we here? We keep hearing that from my friends on the right--why are we here again today--and the reality of it is simple. The numbers keep changing, and it simply does not add up.

A long time ago, in 2010, a long time ago, the estimates were $900 billion will be the cost of ObamaCare. Two years later, now the estimate is at nearly $2 trillion.

Well, how do we fund this? Everybody wants to know this. A program that is already financially strapped, Medicare. ObamaCare takes $500 billion, $500 billion out of Medicare.

What does that mean? Well, to me, as a grandson of a grandfather who is 92 years old, 92 years old, what happens when we take $500 billion out of Medicare?

Well, the answer is clear. There is a 15-member board called IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, that will then recommend cuts to Medicare payments for doctors, hospitals, and other providers. In other words, my grandfather's health may be in the hands of a 15-member autonomous board who will decide what happens to his health. That's wrong.

If you look in ObamaCare, what you will find is that $317 billion of new taxes, or a 3.8 percent tax on dividends, capital gains and other income, you will find $110 billion on the middle class for folks who like their health care and want to keep it? Oh, no. No, no, no. They can't keep it.


Mr. SCOTT of South Carolina. Then you find another $101 billion, another $101 billion in annual tax on health insurance providers not paid for by those folks who make more than $200,000, but paid for by the hardworking, everyday folks like my granddaddy and my momma, those folks who struggled to make their ends meet, $100 billion of new taxes.

But if you need a medical device, another $29 billion of new taxes. There is just not enough time, Mr. Leader, to talk about all the taxes that can't be articulated in just 2 minutes.


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