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Rep. Kelly Issues Statement on Vote to Repeal the PPACA


Location: Unknown

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (PA-03) issued the following statement on his vote today to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

"When President Obama was selling his health care law to the American people, he repeatedly said that it wasn't a tax, that it would lower health care costs, and that people could keep their current insurance if they liked it. Those assurances turned out to be nothing but empty promises.

"The Supreme Court has since ruled that the law is indeed a tax, in fact it's one of the largest tax increases on middle and low income Americans in our nation's history; we know the cost of health care has risen on average by $2200 per family since the bill was passed; and we know that tens of millions of Americans could lose their current insurance under the new law.

"It is no wonder that the PPACA remains as unpopular today as it was when passed into law in 2009 on a partisan vote, in the eleventh hour, and by Members of Congress who admitted that they hadn't even read the 2,700 page bill. Sadly, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was right when she said we had to pass the health care law to know what was in it, and what we've seen is a law imposing a massive tax on hardworking Americans that will not only destroy jobs, but will replace patient-centered health care with a European-style government health care system that will increase costs and diminish access to quality care.

"A majority of the American people want the president's health care law repealed, and today a majority in the House of Representatives moved our nation one step closer to that goal. It's up to the Senate to either follow our lead or turn their backs on the American people who want this law taken off the books and replaced with commonsense reforms that will deliver the type of affordable, accessible, and patient-centered care that the American people deserve."

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