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Nethercutt Praises Decision to File Trade Case Against Airbus

Location: Washington, DC

Nethercutt praises decision to file trade case against Airbus

'If we must fight… then let the battle be joined,' Nethercutt says
October 6, 2004

WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. George R. Nethercutt Jr. (R-Wash.) issued the following statement today after the United States Trade Representative confirmed the U.S. is filing a trade case with the World Trade Organization in the dispute over aircraft manufacturing subsidies offered to Airbus by the European Union.

"I commend the support that the United States Trade Representative has offered to Boeing and I fully support this filing at the WTO.

"The E.U. should not doubt our resolve on this case. The resolution of this matter will decide the future of the American commercial aviation industry and we will press this issue to the fullest extent in the WTO.

"The U.S. position is simple - no new subsidies for Airbus. What is done is done, but we must draw a line in the sand and insist on WTO compliance on subsidization from this point forward. We cannot afford to delay, or to kick this decision down the road, to allow Airbus one more bite at the subsidy apple.

"By filing the case today, USTR is creating an opening for serious dialogue to avert a full-fledged trade fight. If we must fight for our position in the WTO, then let the battle be joined."

On Monday, October 4, Rep. Nethercutt introduced H.Con.Res. 509, which calls upon the President to withdraw the United States from the 1992 agreement with the E.U. limiting commercial aircraft subsidies, and to file a trade case at the WTO.

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