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"I'm running for our State Assembly because I can't stand by and let Sacramento take us down the path of self-destruction.

We are saddled with an out-of-control state budget, a bloated bureaucracy and one of the largest tax burdens in the nation. Our children's future is at risk.

We need a balanced budget, economic freedom and regulatory reform."

Brian's Promise to You:

*Promote a balanced budget--with no smoke and mirrors, no fuzzy math.
*Reduce the size of state government--remove duplicate bureaucracies and redundant departments.
*Remove state regulations that stifle economic freedom. California businesses, farms and landowners are shackled with regulations. Removing these will place our businesses on equal footing with the rest of the world, allowing private business and our citizens to prosper.

Brian Believes In:

*The importance of private property rights.
*The Second Amendment right to bear arms.
*The need to secure our borders.
*No redistribution of wealth.
*Working hard and reaping its benefits.
*Personal responsibility.
*Elimination of all subsidies.
*A hand up, not a handout.
*Protecting the US Constitution.

Brian Dahle, a four-term supervisor for Lassen County, is proud that he's been part of the team that has created 15 years of balanced county budgets. County supervisors took the first step in making that happen by taking a pay cut for themselves. The county has combined departments and adjusted wages and benefits to ensure the county budget is balanced.

"Counties are subjected to cost shifting and unfunded mandates, yet, despite that, our careful planning has meant Lassen County has been able to remain debt-free. I've protected our citizens so they're not burdened with additional taxes or debt at the local level," Brian states. "I will take that same, common-sense approach to the California Assembly."

Brian's proven leadership and experience in building relationships with legislators and staff at the regional, state and federal level will translate into success in the Assembly.

"Sacramento needs to understand that while we are all trying to get ahead in life with hard work, they are hobbling us with regulations, laws and burdens that hold us back.

"When I am elected, I will remind Sacramento every day how they are restricting us from doing our best. Most importantly, I will work to remove those obstacles, so we can all get on with the business of living, working and creating a prosperous future."

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