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Issue Position: Jobs and Economic Development

Issue Position

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Invest in development of a talented and competitive workforce.
-Employers in growth industries are choosing locations where the available workforce meets their needs.
-Job retraining programs to help workers in industries where jobs are no longer available can transition to meet today's economic needs.

Support workers' rights to earn a livable wage.
- A strong middle class benefits everyone -- businesses and workers. When workers earn a fair wage, they are able to buy the products that they produce, thereby helping to sustain economic growth.
-The downward pressure on working peoples' wages for the last 30+ years have lowered the standard of living and have decreased economic growth, causing businesses to look for cheaper labor in order to keep those people in the market for their products. This creates a downward spiral where businesses constantly fight to lower their labor costs in order to keep the prices where the declining middle class can afford them. This is a "race to the bottom" which crushes opportunities for the many, while showering a few with huge benefits.
-I will oppose all efforts to exploit workers as part of a "race to the bottom".

Targeted investments in growth industries
-Support good-paying jobs in Michigan.
-Advanced manufacturing in automotive, alternative energy, biomedical and others.
-Partnerships between our research universities and high-tech research and development, such as TechTown at Wayne State University.

Support Michigan's agricultural community
-Michigan has a wealth of agricultural products, including corn, soybeans, apples, potatoes, dairy and more.
-We need to support family farms that are the backbone of our rural agricultural communities.

Invest in Placemaking
-Michigan is a naturally beautiful state with assets that cannot be replicated by other states. Assisting communities in developing and enhancing those assets makes Michigan an attractive place for people to live, work and vacation.
-In Marine City, we have created partnerships where public (federal, state and local) funding have been combined with private funding, helping to revitalize the downtown area. The result has been upgraded building facades, development of new housing, entrepreneurial opportunities and a level of economic activity that haven't been seen in decades. Similar partnerships can be created in other communities as well.
-Support tourism through the Pure Michigan campaign. Pure Michigan has had a return-on-investment of more than $3 of economic activity for every dollar invested in the campaign. It has also put Michigan on the map as a destination for people who otherwise may not have considered coming here.

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