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The Mountaineer - Vance Patterson Releases Statement on Defense Jobs Being Cut in North Carolina


Location: Morganton, NC

By Vance Patterson

Congressional candidate Vance Patterson, running in Western North Carolina's 11th Congressional District, issued the following statement today following the release of a report by the National Association of Manufacturers. The report outlines the effect of mass Defense Department budget cuts on manufacturing jobs, which in North Carolina alone will result in the loss of over 34,000 jobs by 2014. Patterson is advocating a much more precise set of cuts that respects budgetary challenges, aiming to protect jobs and defense capability.

"Addressing our budget shortfalls is a crucial part of reining in our deficits and bringing economic stability back to America," said Patterson. "That said, making broad, sweeping cuts to our defense capability and the manufacturing jobs that are supported by it is irresponsible. Our government has a duty to maintain the most capable military on Earth, and the manufacturing jobs that come with building that technology are among the most efficient and justifiable uses of taxpayer dollars. We need to consider ways to cut budgets and rein in waste throughout our entire federal government, but we need to be very careful, and very precise with the ways in which we shave spending out of defense. I will work with my Congressional colleagues, when elected, to protect North Carolina defense manufacturing jobs; putting each potential cut under a microscope to be sure it is justified."

Vance Patterson is a candidate for North Carolina's 11th congressional district in the July 17th Republican primary runoff. Patterson is an entrepreneur in Morganton, NC, and has started 16 companies throughout his career, including two that have been named in "INC. 500 fastest growing companies in America."

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