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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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Nothing is putting more of a strain on our state's budget than illegal immigration. The corrupt Oligarchy that is the Mexican government is exploiting their own people, and as a result millions are looking for a better life elsewhere. But we are a nation of laws and as such we reserve the right to choose who we allow to enter our country. The type of unchecked migration that currently exists, especially for a border state like Texas, is unsustainable. Allowing a country like Mexico with one hundred millions people to essentially export their poverty problem to the United States, puts a tremendous and unacceptable strain on our schools and on our health care system, especially Medicaid. The best estimates have Texas spending upwards of $5 billion a year to educate illegal immigrants in our K-12 public education system.

Additionally, more than 14,000 non-citizens are attending our public universities and benefiting from in state tuition rates subsidized by Texas taxpayers. This issue must be addressed seriously and I would encourage everyone to demand the federal government muster the will to fix this problem and once and for all finally secure our border.

In the meantime there are some common sense measures we can pass into law here in Texas to remove incentives for those that chose to break our laws.

*No in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
*Ban sanctuary cities across our state
*Require all governments (city, county, state, ISD's) to use E-Verify when hiring
If elected to be your next State Representative, I will submit bills to do all of the aforementioned things. In this way, we can send a message that we Texans do welcome immigrants that come to our great state. But we welcome those who come here legally and show respect for our laws.

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