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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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The fight for economic development has to be cooperative, a partnership of State government and the private sector and government at other levels. Too many forget that labor unions are an important part of the private sector. State government must not try to keep unions small and weak. So-called right to work laws do not clearly bring economic growth and more jobs. The "right to work" laws are intended to weaken unions and keep pay low. To attract more jobs and good pay and benefits, workers must have bargaining power, and union supporters certainly should not be shut out of the statehouse.

Government programs to help communities recover from jobs lost when enterprises close have already provided economic development tax incentives to our district to bring the ABB and Delco properties back to life and restore some of the thousands of jobs lost when these businesses died. We need to put the funding mechanism into the program to make the Borg Warner factory a site for new business and jobs in our district. I will make absolutely sure that all available government support is brought into the partnership for business and job growth here.

In addition to making sure that this district benefits in every way possible from existing programs, someone who really represents your best economic interests should also search beyond our state borders for what is working elsewhere. Some states have "custom job training programs" that put government and business funds together to help citizens get ready for jobs that these companies will provide when they start new businesses in a district. We need to find out about all such programs and adapt the best for our state. As your state Senator, I showed my commitment to action of this kind. I took a lead in the fight for green industry jobs and supported more state investment to assist startups in growing their businesses. Give me the chance to serve you again in this way.

All of us in the public or private sectors must work together for the economic development that will build a thriving community.

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