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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Joe believes that protecting and expanding the middle class is the only way to ensure economic recovery in Florida. Supporting small businesses is essential to this goal. The University of Central Florida's Business Incubation Program is a model for how public programs can be leveraged to support private entrepreneurs and create thousands of jobs. Access to startup capital continues to be one of the greatest impediments to growth and job creation for small businesses in Orange County, especially Hispanic and Latino owned businesses, and should be a top priority for our state.

Our economic future depends on growing good jobs and building a talent pipeline to new and growing industries. The University of Central Florida has become one of our greatest engines for economic opportunity and a hub for medical technology, simulation and gaming. Leveraging public dollars to spark private sector investment, as we've seen with the UCF Medical School and the health sciences clusters at Lake Nona, we can provide greater opportunity to our region's young people and be catalysts for economic growth. Our students are one of our greatest resources. Strategic and accountable investments now can help us create good jobs, keep our graduates here and expand the middle class.

Joe believes that we need to cut waste, inefficiencies and tax loopholes that give out freebies to corporations and billionaires. Tax incentives and growth packages that are unstrategic or lack transparency should be repealed and the funding should be shifted to underfunded services or to more transparent and accountable investments. If you take money out of the system with the promise to create jobs, you should be held to that promise. Unaccountable and non-strategic corporate welfare is a luxury we can't afford.

Building communities people want to live in is the most powerful way to recruit employers and retain workers. We need to fully fund our public schools, keep college affordable, build a world class transportation system and protect our land and water.

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