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Hearing of the House Rules Committee - H.R. 6079 -- Repeal of Obamacare Act


Location: Washington, DC


Yet, despite the Supreme Court's affirmation, House Republicans are continuing their politically-motivated attempts to repeal health care reform, instead of responding to the priorities of the American public to work across the aisle to grow our economy and strengthen opportunities and financial security for America's middle class.

The legislation before the Rules Committee today reflects a clear decision by Republican Leadership to put partisanship ahead of the pressing needs of our constituents and our country.

In fact, we have voted 30 times to repeal the health reform law. Today is
the 31st time Republicans have called for a vote to deny Americans access to affordable, quality health coverage.

Let's be clear: the Republicans' efforts will not be successful. But, it makes crystal clear that were they to get their way, it would:
* Increase the deficit - Last year CBO estimated the cost of repeal at
$21 0 billion over 10 years.
* Put insurance; companies back in charge of Americans' health care,
* Increase costs and cuts benefits for seniors on Medicare; and,
* Eliminate $40 billion in tax credits to help make insurance more
affordable for small businesses.


Republicans' actions take time and attention away from the work we should be doing. Republicans in Congress are choosing to play politics, rather than working to find bipartisan solutions to the important challenges we face as families, and as a nation

Their actions are creating uncertainty and instability, renewing arguments that have been settled, and hurting our economic recovery and the security of middle class Americans.

Americans are demanding action by Congress on jobs and economic growth.

Instead, the Republicans are again, asking Congress to strip Americans of the economic security that comes with access to continuous, affordable, meaningful health coverage.

This is wasteful and misguided time. It is disrespectful of the Supreme Court. It is time to get to the agenda before us: jobs and economy and the fiscal future of our families, businesses and our nation.

I urge the Rules Committee to deny the request to hear this legislation. And instead, call on the Republican leadership to work to meet the priorities of the American people.

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