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Congressman Cantor: The House Will Act to Stop the Tax Hike

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Good morning, while we were at home last week celebrating the July 4th holiday, we also saw another miserable job report. The latest survey out by the NFIB indicates that small business optimism is at its lowest level since October. Eighty percent of the small businesses surveyed said they haven't made any hiring changes and they aren't going to be hiring any time soon. Here we have a situation where the economy is stalled and there is a lessening of confidence each and every day. What does the President do? He doubles down on his own failed policies. How does it make sense for anybody to call for taxing small business owners when we are looking to create jobs?

"In the House we're committed to making sure that we're going to do everything we can to make it easier for small businesses to grow and we can see jobs return. That's why we are bringing up the ObamaCare Repeal Act this week to begin to address those health care costs so more people can keep the health care they like. We are also focusing on the reduction of red tape and putting a moratorium on regulations so that people will finally realize that it's time to start growing again, that Washington is not always going to get in their way. Before the August recess, we will be passing a bill to stop the tax hikes so that American working families and small businesses know that their taxes won't go up.

"Now all this points to the impact of this election and why it's so important. The American people are going to decide whether we are going to continue with the President's failed policies or we are going to return to a pro-growth atmosphere with pro-growth policies of less red tape and lower taxes."

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