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Issue Position: Crime

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Criminals have it too easy in Indiana. As a Deputy Prosecutor, I have dealt with the families of about twenty murder victims and dozens of molested children. I see firsthand the effects that criminals have on our families and communities, and we need to act now to keep our communities safe places to live and raise children. As your State Senator, I will work to strengthen the laws that sentence child predators, eliminate loopholes in the legal system, and hold perpetrators accountable for the damage they cause.

-There's a bill on the floor of the Senate right now that would call for child molesters to serve longer sentences. Please allow me to begin a round of applause! In my experience as a Deputy Prosecutor, I have seen many molesters who offend again after being released from prison. The Department of Corrections simply can't rehabilitate them - their attraction for children is hard-wired and unchangeable. Ordinary felons get one day off of their sentence for each day of good behavior, but this bill would give child molesters one day off for every six days they behaved themselves. I will support this bill 100%.

-There's a second bill making its way through the General Assembly that's not nearly as good. It would allow offenders to leave prison early and circumvent the parole board altogether. I simply don't understand the logic behind this bill. If a man commits a violent offense, his victim needs to know exactly how long his sentence will be. If a judge sentences a felon to a term in prison, the felon needs to do the term. This bill would undermine the judicial system (where its hard enough to get convictions and lengthy sentences anyway), law enforcement, and citizens' faith in the ability of the government to protect them. If elected, I will work tirelessly to kill this bill.

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