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Issue Position: Health Care

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Congressman Blackburn has been one of the leaders in Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare. She recognizes that health care reform is needed, but she also believes that it must be consumer centered. To that end, Congressman Blackburn introduced H.R. 371 -- "the Health Care Choice Act of 2011; which would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a much clearer, simpler law. It focuses on a patient centered, cost effective approach that reforms our health care system with as little government involvement as possible.

Blackburn has been one of the leading opponents of Obamacare because she understood that it was not the reform the American people want or need. The fact that 26 states have instituted legal proceedings to stop Obamacare is just further proof that the American people don't support it.

Marsha believes that Obamacare, if fully implemented, would result in a complete government takeover of our health care, with higher costs, fewer choices, and ultimately the rationing of health care. Tennesseans recognize that as a nation we simply can't afford the costs of Obamacare, and just as importantly, they are adamant that they do not want the federal government to control their health care. Instead of a budget busting, job destroying law that does nothing to control health care costs or improve the quality of care, we need to develop real health care reform.

As the health care bill remains in place, hundreds of special interest groups have requested and received "waivers" from the Obama Administration, because they simply can't afford Obamacare. Thousands of small businesses are reluctant to hire additional workers because of the uncertainty associated with Obamacare. We must stop the nightmare that is rushing at us by repealing Obamacare and replacing it with the type of reform Americans want.

Congressman Blackburn, through her experiences dealing with TennCare, knows well the pitfalls of such ill-advised health care reform. Many of the concerns she held about TennCare in the 1990's are the same as those she holds for Obamacare. TennCare not only reduced the quality of care for Tennesseans, but also nearly bankrupted the state before it ultimately collapsed under its own weight. Clearly, a government run healthcare program is not that answer.

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