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Issue Position: Aquatic Invasive Species

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

If I am elected your representative I will support all measures that address the issue of eliminating invasive species in Michigan waters and waters surrounding Michigan.

Invasive species such as the Sea Lamprey, Zebra Mussel, Quagga Mussel, and Emerald Ash Borer have already caused tremendous ecological and economic damage to Michigan and the Great Lakes. Now, perhaps the largest threat yet, Asian Carp may be invading the Great Lakes. Two species of Asian Carp, the Bighead and the Silver, may be on the verge of invading the Great Lakes. Scientists are not entirely sure whether Lake Michigan would be hospitable to Asian Carp should enough escape into the lake to create a sustainable population, but most agree that there is an extremely high risk of tremendous harm being done -- primarily from the carp monopolizing the food supply that other fish depend upon.

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