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Issue Position: Success in a Globalized Economy: Revisiting our Tax Code, Protecting Working Families, & Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

Issue Position

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I seek to leverage my background of growing up in a technology-driven, globalized world to make decisions for Hawaii's future generations that will anticipate societal changes and technological advances. We now live in a world where virtually all public information relevant to our lives can fit in your pocket. Globalization has evolved in a big way and technology will continue advancing rapidly; Hawaii must not fall behind. I am optimistic about upcoming generations positively utilizing new technologies in infrastructure, academics, and especially entrepreneurship, in order to create a diversified economy for Hawaii's future. To achieve this, public servants must be able to think globally but act locally. I will support policy and programs that encourage innovation in technology and business, especially for local entrepreneurs with vision for our future. I am pro-labor, pro-small business, and pro-tax reevaluation.

A popular myth persists that policy in Hawaii cannot be both business and labor friendly. In reality, healthy modern economies encompass a balanced mixture of labor, small business, and large business: good policy must be compatible with all three. In Hawaii, small businesses are the backbone of our economy, while local workers are the backbone of our community. With today's incredibly high budget lobbying expenses of large corporations, Hawaii's lawmakers must steer policy to ensure a leveled economic playing field for small business and labor. Without a close watch of our state's tax code and the effects of large corporations in Hawaii, innovative local entrepreneurship efforts may soon be in vain due to diminished opportunities for success.

I support revisiting the tax code in order to reduce inefficiencies and disparities in our economy. Excessive tax breaks are the same as wasteful government spending. Tax breaks that benefit narrow industries or a single multinational corporate interests create gaps in the budget that are usually recovered (since our state constitution requires a balanced budget) by either increasing revenue or cutting support programs or public worker's salaries. Similarly, excessive taxation is may sometimes increase economic disparity and inefficiency. By taking an earnest reevaluation of the many tax breaks legislators have given over years of extensive corporate lobbying, and the structure of the state's tax code, we will be able to regain the balance of protecting local workers and supporting small businesses in Hawaii while minimizing the need to cut program support, infrastructure projects, or worker salaries.

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