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Issue Position: Freedom and Prosperity for Cuba and Latin America

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I will support a tough policy against the Communist regime in Cuba and oppose any unilateral concessions.

I understand the embargo alone has not worked and is not enough. I will fight for a broader strategy that helps the Cuban people promote change from within.

I support the unconditional release of all political prisoners without exceptions and will fight against the policies of those who want to ban people-to-people humanitarian aid that goes to the prisoners' families.

I support existing laws that grant Cuban-Americans rights to see and help their family. I believe the federal government has no business deciding for people when they can and cannot see their loved ones.

I support a broader strategy toward Latin America that is committed to promoting human rights, economic prosperity and tough measures against drug trafficking and terrorism.

I support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement because it will create jobs in South Florida and strengthen our economy. The Colombia Free Trade Agreement will grow our local economy and will help America's greatest ally in the region fight against drugs and terrorism.

I believe we need to end our dependence on Venezuelan oil and other foreign oil that sends money to regimes that are unfriendly and hostile to America and seek to hurt our families.

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