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Issue Position: Innovation in Education

Issue Position

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This year education was a big topic at the Legislature, but very little was done to improve it. Hawaii has great teachers who don't get paid enough and capable students who don't get the tools they need to really excel. There's too much wasted potential in our education system. And while there are a lot of areas to improve on, there are two things I would focus on immediately.

First, we need to eliminate bureaucracies in the Department of Education and ensure that teachers and principals have enough autonomy over their schools and classrooms. Second, I think that that more money should go to a "race to the top" program that would help fund innovative educational programs that prove successful.

One of my favorite classes at Georgetown was on the different learning styles of this upcoming generation of students and the various ways we could tailor educational programs to meet those changing needs. While there are a lot of good things in our schools, we also need to be open to innovative and creative learning strategies if our kids are going to be competitive nationally and internationally.

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