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Issue Position: Lower Taxes

Issue Position

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My stance on taxes is simple: no more money until we see better results.

There's nothing new about wanting to lower taxes, but that's because high taxes are a persistent and pervasive problem. Hawaii taxes the poor more heavily than most other states. The idea that we only tax the very rich simply isn't true. Hawaii is also one of the top five highest-taxed states in the nation.

Some might argue that we have a lot to show for it. After all, we have great tourist attractions, the number one airline in the nation and Mililani is the recipient of the All-America City award. But these are all private successes that the government is not responsible for. The government is responsible for things like solving traffic problems and educating our kids in public schools. But most of us can agree that our government is failing at what it's supposed to be doing.

Your tax dollars shouldn't be treated like the government's money, to be spent with reckless abandon. You should be able to expect responsible spending and positive results, rather than raised taxes when you get the opposite.

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