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Bono Mack: Obama Economics Has Failed


Location: Unknown

Stop Obama!

The jobs report released today shows America is stuck in a no growth pattern with the unemployment rate still at 8.2%.

The fact that our economy is still producing far too few jobs far too late is shocking. President Obama and the liberals in Washington took several wrong turns to get us to this point. Now it is time for us to fight for commonsense economic policies that will put Americans back to work and take the federal government off of the backs of small businesses.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are seeking four more years to implement more of the same failed liberal policies that have produced forty-one straight months of the unemployment rate being over 8 percent and a soaring national debt that is fast approaching $16 trillion.

We have to stop them. The jury is in. Big government is not the solution.

Mary Bono Mack

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