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George Allen Responds to Virginia's Exclusion from Five-Year Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Plan


Location: Henrico, VA

Today, the Obama Administration announced their finalized five-year federal plan that excludes Virginia from consideration of federal oil and gas leases. George Allen released the following statement in response:

"The Obama Administration continues to obstruct Virginia's energy resources and is blocking thousands of new, good-paying jobs. They have repeatedly said "No' to Virginia developing our energy resources off our coast. Virginia is willing and able to produce the affordable energy we need from our coast to the coalfields, but Washington continues to stand in the way with counterproductive energy policies that eliminate good-paying jobs and raise costs to families and small businesses.

"The people in the States should have the right to decide for themselves if they want to produce oil and natural gas off their coasts. The Obama Administration's decision to ignore Virginia's wishes means higher fuel and electricity prices for Virginia families and small businesses who are already enduring this Administration's failed policies. As "friend' and "unabashed supporter' of President Obama, Tim Kaine as Governor appealed to this Administration to keep Virginia's resources off limits by delaying the Virginia lease sale. My opponent may believe it is the federal government's place to dictate Virginia's energy policy, but I believe Virginians ought to control our own energy destiny.

"On Day One in the U.S. Senate, I will introduce a bill to allow Virginia to produce oil and natural gas off our coast and use the royalties for roads and transportation. I want to be Virginia's voice in Washington to unleash our plentiful energy resources to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, increase our supply of affordable energy, keep our money here in America and generate government revenues without raising taxes. It's time for Washington to stop blocking the energy Freedom Virginians deserve."

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