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Issue Position: IT'S ONLY A BEGINNING!

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In six short years as your Delegate, Kelli Sobonya has proven to be your voice at the Legislature. She is using her energy, integrity, and new ideas to improve the way your state government works.

Kelli believes we need to streamline government to make it more efficient and cost-effective. Government should be better, not bigger. While government's role is not to create jobs, we can create a better atmosphere for job creation. Kelli believes we should start to build a solid economic foundation first! In her first term in office, she worked to address the difficult issues like the passage of:

Medical Liability Reform - to help keep our doctors in West Virginia.

Workers Compensation Reform - to help keep our program for injured workers solvent through privatization and competition.

Insurance Reform - Kelli supported the Insurance Fraud Unit bill but believes more needs to be done in order to bring down the rising cost of insurance premiums.

Kelli also believes in tax reform. She supports and co-sponsored tax reform legislation and believes we need to begin the dialogue for creating a fair and simple tax system. Kelli is also a sponsor of eliminating the unfair business franchise tax and the food tax and has sponsored a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment creating the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Our current tax system is antiquated and needs comprehensive and fundamental changes. We need a tax system that makes sense!

As a 20-year business owner and as a parent of two children and grandparent of one grandson, Kelli shares your concerns that West Virginia has struggled with our young people and jobs leaving our state. Instead of relying on our limited revenue streams each year when we balance the state budget each year, we should work towards building a solid foundation with sound fiscal policies & pass the comprehensive reforms like tax reform, and workers compensation reforms.

Illegal Immigration Reform -Kelli was the co-sponsor of HB-4549 and voted in favor of legislation which is now law that will penalize businesses that hire illegal and undocumented workers. Giving our West Virginia jobs to those who are illegal is unacceptable. Our jobs should go for legal West Virginia workers and legal immigrants.

Health Care - Delegate Sobonya is committed to affordable and accessible health care. She has supported expanding the CHIPS program for children and has voted in favor of health programs for our uninsured and for small businesses. She has stood up for our retirees and cosponsored a forum for retirees in the Advantra Freedom program to make sure that their health care coverage is protected.

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