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Issue Position: West Virginia Conservatives Values

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Kelli voted for and/or co-sponsored legislation that protects the unborn such as the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act," "Informed Consent for Abortion" and "Parental Notification for Abortion." She has co-sponsored bills that increase the penalty for transporting a minor across state lines for an abortion and supports parental consent for abortion. She is endorsed by West Virginians for Life and Life Gauge and believes that LIFE MATTERS!

Kelli believes in the sanctity of marriage and through her past lobbying efforts, helped with the passage of D.O.M.A. (Defense of Marriage Act) that defines marriage between man and woman only. She was asked by Gov. Underwood to attend the bill signing ceremony when it was signed into law.

In her freshman year at the Legislature, Kelli was invited by N.C.A.L.G. (National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling) to serve on their Legislative Panel of their annual conference in Baltimore, MD. Kelli believes our State relies too heavily on gambling revenue to balance it's budget and it is a "gamble" to continue down this path. That is why she introduced a bill that would allow for a constitutional amendment for a moratorium on further gambling expansion.

Kelli also believes that the 2nd amendment is very important to preserving our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and is endorsed by the NRA.

Kelli stands up for property owners' rights and supported the passage of a bill that limits the eminent domain powers of government being allowed to take private property for private development.

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