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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position

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- Eliminate the inheritance tax

- Cut the corporate tax by 50%

- Phase out the car tax over three years and replace it with a flat $60 registration fee

Property taxes:

I believe one part of the problem with our high property taxes involves the property tax assessment practices. I am absolutely opposed to how the Sarpy County Assessor is valuing the farm site/first acre and I will introduce a state law change to limit assessors' authority in that area.

I also believe that a state law needs to be enacted to make more uniform how often assessors re-assess classes of property. Under current law, even if assessors value property within state law ranges, if one county assesses every year and another county values every five years, there are increasingly wide differences in the values and taxes assessed. I will propose a law to limit county tax assessors so they can only assess property once every four years.

Phasing out taxes on military benefits:

By tax military pensions Nebraska is losing valuable members of its workforce. By eliminating taxes on military pensions, Nebraska would join 17 other states that do not tax these pensions. This would keep highly trained veterans in our state increasing economic activity. Veterans that choose to stay in Nebraska pay property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes if they are working another job and taxes on any other retirement income they receive. We have a strong military community in Nebraska and it is important to provide an incentive to keep it here.

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