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Issue Position: Gun Rights

Issue Position

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Every year, legislation is proposed to try to restrict and repeal our right to keep and bear arms. This is unconstitutional. Just this year HB 2229 is trying to make it criminal to purchase more than one hand gun in West Virginia per month. This is unacceptable. I am an avid NRA member, an NRA recruiter, and proud gun owner. If elected I will propose a law requiring a super majority to make a change to any current gun laws, that would make further restrictions to law abiding citizens in our state. This means is would require 2/3 of the WV House and Senate to vote to make any new restrictions to gun owners in W.V. I will also work to advance the rights of gun owners and will sponsor bills that are backed by sportsman, gun enthusiasts, and NRA backed bills.

Also, I will fight to legalize crossbows for all woman, children under the age of twelve, and all people over fifty years of age. Some woman, children, and our more distinguished citizens who are sportsman have a very difficult time pulling back a compound bow, and it is sometimes even unethical for a person to shoot a deer at very low settings on a compound bow. We must allow people who may have difficulty with a compound bow to enjoy our great Mountaineer past time the same as everyone else.

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