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Issue Position: Coal

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Coal is our state rock. West Virginia and America were built on the back of West Virginia coal miners and the support they received from their families as we go into the "belly of the beast" to dig coal, so people all over America and the world can satisfy their appetite for energy. Our coal powers homes, hospitals, schools, churches, and etc. Is this the "thank you" we deserve? Even our current elected officials refuse to realize the sacrifice Boone County makes.

Our current elected officials have refused to pass legislation to fight for Boone County Coal. Why would they, hardly any of them have ever picked up a shovel to clean a belt line in a coal mine. There is no better person to protect coal jobs, than a coal miner himself.

If elected my first order of business will be to propose and pass the West Virginia Natural Resources Intrastate and Use Act. This act will state that Coal, and our other natural resources, that are mined or extracted in West Virginia, sold in West Virginia, for use is West Virginia for fuel, electricity, steel production, and etc., will be governed and regulated solely by state regulatory agencies such as the W.V. D.E.P, and WVMHST. Intrastate commerce should be controlled by our state.

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