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Wittman Reacts to Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling


Location: Montross, VA

U.S. Representative Rob Wittman (VA-1) issued the following statement today following the announcement by the United States Supreme Court of their decision to uphold Obamacare:

"I am disappointed in the decision by the Supreme Court that this monstrous health care overhaul was deemed largely constitutional. I voted against Obamacare and have voted to repeal, defund, and replace it at every opportunity. It is obvious to me, as I have traveled around and heard from the folks of the First District of Virginia, that our nation's health care system is problematic and a major concern of many. I agree that we must continue to work to lower the cost of health care and ensure access to quality care. However, Obamacare is not the solution.

Rather than bringing common-sense reform to lower the costs of health care, this law raises taxes, cuts Medicare, raises the federal deficit, and puts the government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. In the debate on health care reform, I have supported preserving access to care for individuals with pre-existing conditions, ensuring children can stay on their parent's plan up to the age of 26, and reforming our medical liability system. We must repeal Obamacare and immediately pass reforms that will truly lower health care costs. I will continue to listen to what the folks in America's First District have to say regarding our nation's healthcare and will continue to pursue responsible healthcare policies for our nation."

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