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Blog: 7/9/2012


Location: Unknown

After reading about Gov. Haley's vetoes in the current budget, I can only repeat -- We Can Do Better for South Carolina! By completely cutting funding for two state agencies, (and forcing forty SC employees to join the ranks of the unemployed) she continues to prove that she is not looking out for our best interests. It is no secret that Nikki Haley has no understanding or respect for the importance for the Arts, however, the Arts Commission is vital to both funding our cultural organizations and programs as well as enticing new sources of revenue to our state.

It is also painfully apparent that she has no concept as to the importance of studying and protecting South Carolina's coastline. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. To advocate oil drilling off the coast of our beautiful beaches is a fair indicator of what and whom she considers important in her environmental decision-making process.

Vetoing a pay increase for our hard-working teachers? The lack of concern for our children and our public schools apparent in that veto speaks for itself.

Every resident of this state is affected when our Governor, who was elected to serve the interest of the state of South Carolina, resorts to party-appeasing political grandstanding.


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