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What Changes have Really Occurred?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. RICHARDSON. Mr. Chairman, I come here today because when I was 6 years old, in 1968, I saw the hate-filled work of the civil rights movement, of laws that needed to be changed. And now I'm here with an opportunity to be here in Congress, and I kind of wonder what changes have really occurred.

I see today that Chief Justice Roberts stood, and he did the right thing because he ruled on behalf of the American people. And I will say that this motion that's going to come forward will not have bipartisan support of this Member because it's not done in a bipartisan manner. It's done in a hateful manner.

And why?

Because we have an Attorney General where this has never been done--we need to stress that again--never been done in this Congress, where materials have been provided, and where this committee has failed to accept a single witness requested by the other side. That's not bipartisanship. That's politics at its worst.

I urge the American people to look and to urge us to get back to work and do what you sent us here to do, which is to take care of you.

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