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Keith Rothfus Statement on Obamacare Decision


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Republican candidate Keith Rothfus issued the following statement upon the announcement of the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare:

"I am thoroughly disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision to uphold this unconstitutional and unprecedented power grab by the Obama Administration, a power grab that Congressman Mark Critz has supported 20 times with votes to protect the bill. While the Supreme Court's decision that the mandate penalty is a tax is extremely disappointing, what is completely unacceptable is especially that Congressman Critz supported this massive tax increase on the American people.

In addition to degrading the Constitution, President Obama's health care policy raids $500 billion from Medicare to pay for a new entitlement while subjecting seniors' access to care to an unelected board of bureaucrats -- a provision Congressman Critz explicitly voted to keep in place and one that puts our seniors' health care at risk. Congressman Critz had chance after chance to stand with the citizens of PA-12, but has instead failed us and failed our seniors in standing with President Obama.

Despite today's ruling, our fight is not yet over. We will do everything in our power to ensure that Congress overturns ObamaCare in its entirety, replacing it with common-sense reforms that help the economy, create jobs, and make worthwhile improvements to our health care system. Fortunately, the hardworking men and women of PA-12 will have an option this November to elect someone who will fight against this unprecedented power grab, will fight to save Medicare, will fight to take control of our debt, and will fight to bring jobs back to Southwestern PA ."

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