E-Newsletter 7/6/12


By:  Joe Baca, Sr.
Date: July 6, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Dear Friend:

As you know, law week the Supreme Court voted to uphold the historic Affordable Care Act. This necessary legislation ensures that hard working, middle class families will get the security they deserve and protects every American from the worse insurance company abuses.

Here's how the Affordable Care Act can benefit you and your family:

Lets millions of young adults stay on parent's insurance until age 26.
Ends insurance company power to cap the amount of care a person can receive in their lifetime.
Stops insurance companies from canceling coverage when someone gets sick.
Lowers the cost of care for those on Medicare and helps seniors save money on their medication.
Requires insurance companies to cover preventive services like mammograms free of charge
Strengthens and protects Medicare by increasing penalties for fraud.
Stops insurance companies from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions.
Ends insurance company power to jack up rates without justification.
Provides American with rebates from insurers who spend too much on CEO bonuses or ads.
Gives tax credits to small business owners so they can afford to offer quality health care for employees.
Builds and improves hundreds of community health centers.
Gives hard-working Americans tax credits so they can afford insurance beginning in 2014.
Ends discrimination against adults with pre-existing conditions beginning in 2014.
Prevents insurance companies from charging women more than men, and overcharging those who need care the most beginning in 2014.
Creates state-based marketplaces where people can easily compare and shop for insurance beginning in 2014.
For more information, visit www.healthcare.gov.


JOE BACA, Congressman
43rd Congressional District

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