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Comments on Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act


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Today's decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the healthcare Affordable Care Act is a victory for all citizens of our country -- including the 53 million U.S. citizens who do not have health insurance and the other 277 million of us who have essentially been paying for their healthcare. The court has confirmed that insurance companies cannot refuse coverage for preexisting conditions, drop coverage if you become ill, or limit the benefits regardless of how sick you might be. The court also continued to allow our young people to be covered on their parent's plans. If you are insured, you will see your benefits increase and your costs go down. You also do not have to be afraid that you will not be able to get insurance if you change or lose your job.

With this decision, discussions will now shift as to whether Congress should repeal the law. My opponent will fall into lockstep with the Republican Party to vote to overturn this law that has now been approved by all three branches of government. The Supreme Court has spoken. Congress should work with the states to address the Medicaid funding mandate so our states are not overburdened in these difficult economic times. But on all other issues with this law, Congress should move on to legitimate concerns facing our country, like creating jobs and enhancing our public education system so that our economy will continue to grow and our country will be stronger.

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