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Issue Position: Get Our Economy Back On Track

Issue Position

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It wasn't so long ago that this country had a balanced budget and a zero deficit. That tells me that getting our economy back on track is not an impossible dream. All we need to do is stop the partisan bickering and take some necessary and decisive action.

It means injecting fairness and common sense into our federal budget. It means making sure that huge corporations and the ultra-wealthy are not getting a free ride and are paying their fair share. It means that we need to be fair, making sure no one gets special treatment or extra tax breaks, while our working families struggle to get by as they shoulder the burden of our budget crisis. It also means eliminating cronyism, and the rampant waste and abuse that is sapping our fiscal strength and eroding the peoples' trust in their government.

What it all comes down to is this: the next person we send to Congress must have the guts, the honesty, and the determination to serve the people, not special interests, and get the job done.

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