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Issue Position: Financial Industry Reform

Issue Position

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I believe we should end "too-big-to-fail." In the wake of the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, we have seen ever more mergers and acquisitions of banks with no real benefit to consumers. Big banks have become emboldened to play fast and loose with our money because their "too-big-to-fail" status -- which essentially means that if they go under, the nation's economy will completely tank and the effects on the global financial system will be monumental -- ensures they will be bailed out with taxpayer dollars. The risks they take with our money are too great to be allowed to continue unchecked. - Today we see Wall Street banks and their CEOs and investors receiving record profits, while hard-working people in Michigan cannot get a loan. As the nation struggles to recover from a major recession, one that hit Michigan first and hardest, big banks will not even loan us our own money. - We also need reform in the derivatives market. We need to implement transparency in the system because the secret nature of the financial services industry led to out-of-control risk taking and the mass bundling of subprime mortgages, which led to the housing collapse. We should require derivatives traders to have a minimum amount of collateral so borrowing ability can be prudently managed. - These reforms will lead to a safer and better functioning financial industry, one in which everybody can confidently participate.

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