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Importance of the Weatherization Assistance Program

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. TONKO. Mr. Speaker, I would like to draw our colleagues' attention to the OP-ED that appeared in Roll Call's online issue on June 20 authored by Tim Warfield, the Executive Director of the National Association for State Community Services Programs. The OP-ED, which I have included below, addresses the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), our nation's largest residential energy efficiency program. Energy efficiency represents one of our greatest opportunities to reduce energy expenditures for industry, government, and for individual citizens. Dollars we do not have to spend to heat or cool homes and buildings are dollars that can be invested elsewhere. Reducing energy use extends the years we can use non-renewable energy sources and brings us closer to achieving the goal of energy independence. Buildings represent a significant proportion of our energy use and heating and cooling expenditures are a significant portion of household budgets. At a time when we want to create jobs and lower energy costs for our constituents, programs like WAP should receive our full support.

I am disappointed that the Energy and Water Appropriations bill that we passed earlier did not maintain funding for this important program. As Mr. Warfield's editorial points out, the funding level in the House bill will not sustain this important program through 2013. I hope our colleagues in the other body will do better.[Special to Roll Call; June 20, 2012]


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