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Turner Celebrates American Independence


Location: New York, NY

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) released the following statement celebrating American independence, encouraging the continued application of democracy as our Founding Fathers intended, and the pursuit of the American dream.

"Over two hundred years ago a group of brave men set out to declare our independence to shed the chains of tyranny. Our forefathers proclaimed that freedom was worth the risk of losing their material possessions and their lives when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They banded together to overcome great obstacles to win a war in which they were underequipped and outnumbered. Their bravery and valor not only established our freedom, but also set the example for what has made our country great. Independence has a great cost and is a great responsibility to maintain. Their legacy remains today in the spirit of American democracy."

"Every day, we share the responsibility of ensuring we honor their memory and their sacrifice by continuing to uphold the ideals of democracy for which they made the ultimate sacrifice to provide for all future generations of Americans. The revolutionary war showed that if Americans work hard, stay mentally tough, and do some strategic planning, they can achieve anything. These are key components of the American dream. This Independence Day, let us celebrate our forefathers' vision; the many freedoms we enjoy; show our appreciation for those who have and still do risk their lives to defend those freedoms; and remember the great American spirit that represents our independence.

Congressman Bob Turner represents New York's 9th Congressional district and serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, and House Committee on Homeland Security.

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