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Congressman Boehner: "President Obama is Still Asleep at the Switch When It Comes to Our Economy and Jobs"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following statement this morning on reports that, just days after another dismal jobs report, President Obama would again call for small business tax hikes:

"President Obama is still asleep at the switch when it comes to our economy and jobs. In the wake of another weak jobs report, the president is doubling down on his quixotic call for the same small businesses tax hikes that have been routinely rejected by the House and Senate. How will these small business tax hikes create jobs? Even Democratic congressional leaders and former President Clinton have turned their back on this proposal.

"House Republicans are leading on jobs, and have passed more than 30 jobs bills that the president and his party continue to block in the Senate. This week, we will vote to repeal the health care law that is making it harder for small businesses to grow and hire. We have already announced that later this month we will boost economic growth and create jobs by preventing the looming, massive tax hikes and providing a fairer, simpler tax code that lowers rates and closes special interest loopholes. President Obama needs to learn that when it comes to jobs and the economy "leading from behind' is not good enough."

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