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50 Members of Congress Cosponsor Deutch Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Just days after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision reaffirmingCitizens United v. FEC, Congressman Ted Deutch's proposed amendment to the Constitution earned its 50th cosponsor. H.J. Res 90, the Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democracy (OCCUPIED) Amendment, would not only ban corporate spending in elections but return to the American people what the Supreme Court took away in Citizens United: the ability to safeguard our elections from the influence of big money in politics. The growing support for the OCCUPIED Amendment coincides with a wave of over 140 resolutions passed in local communities, cities, and towns throughout America since March 2012. Over 275 resolutions have passed in various localities since the Supreme Court issued Citizens United in January 2010.

"Passing a constitutional amendment is no easy feat, but the Supreme Court has made clear that it will be up to us as a people to undo the damage done by Citizens United," said Congressman Deutch. "As communities across the country pass resolutions calling for an amendment, and as more of my colleagues in Congress come to agree that Citizens Unitedhas stripped Americans of the right to protect the integrity of our elections, the momentum we need to amend the Constitution and reclaim our democracy will only continue to grow."

"Once again, the Supreme Court's 5-4 majority has refused to recognize reality when it comes to the influence of big money on politics," added Rob Weissman, President of Public Citizen. "We know how difficult it will be to win a constitutional amendment, but a growing movement is building to do exactly that, and we plan on prevailing. We are thrilled to rally behind the leadership of Rep. Deutch and his OCCUPIED Amendment, which will reclaim our elections and policymaking from the corporate and superrich occupiers."

H.J. Res 90, introduced by Congressman Ted Deutch, and its Senate companion resolution, Senator Bernie Sanders' S.J. Res 33, comprehensively repair the damage done to our campaign finance system by Citizens United and related cases. The amendment slams shut the door opened by Citizens United by explicitly banning corporations from spending general treasury funds in elections. It also makes clear that corporations derive their rights not from the Constitution but from the citizens who create them, invest in them, and govern them through laws. Finally, H.J. Res 90 ensures that money spent in our elections, by any individual or private entity, is not a protected form of speech but an activity the people have a compelling interest in regulating.

Joining Rep. Deutch as cosponsors of H.J. Res 90 are Rep. Berman [CA-28], Rep. Bishop [GA-2], Rep. Blumenauer [OR-3], Rep. Capuano [MA-8], Rep. Chu [CA-32], Rep. Cicilline [RI-01], Rep. Cohen [TN-9], Rep. Connolly [VA-11], Rep. Conyers [MI-14], Rep. DeFazio [OR-4], Rep. Ellison [MN-5], Rep. Engel [NY-17], Rep. Farr [CA-17], Rep. Filner [CA-51], Rep. Frank [MA-4], Rep. Fudge [OH-11], Rep. Green [TX-29], Rep. Grijalva [AZ-7], Rep. Hahn [CA-36], Rep. Hastings [FL-23], Rep. Hinchey [NY-22], Rep. Honda [CA-15], Rep. Jackson Lee [TX-18], Rep. Jackson [IL-2], Rep. Johnson [GA-4], Rep. Keating [MA-10], Rep. Larsen [WA-2], Rep. Larson [CT-1], Rep. Lee [CA-9], Rep. Maloney [NY-14], Rep. McDermott [WA-7], Rep. McNerney [CA-11], Rep. Miller [CA-7], Rep. Moran [VA-8], Rep. Norton [DC], Rep. Olver [MA-1], Rep. Pallone [NJ-6], Rep. Pingree [ME-1], Rep. Rangel [NY-15], Rep. Reyes [TX-16], Rep. Schakowsky [IL-9], Rep. Sherman [CA-27], Rep. Slaughter [NY-28], Rep. Stark [CA-13], Rep. Sutton [OH-13], Rep. Tierney [MA-6], Rep. Van Hollen [MD-8], Rep. Welch [VT], Rep. Wilson [FL-17], and Rep. Woolsey [CA-6].

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