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Issue Position: Healthcare for Everyone

Issue Position

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Universal health care is essential to our nation's stability, security, economy and prosperity. I am committed to working unceasingly to establish a health care system that will work for all Americans, one based on real facts and one which is appropriate for the 21st Century. I will clearly articulate my case to the American people as well as to members of Congress. Once people understand how universal health care works, very few people other than lobbyists and special interest groups will find cause to oppose it.

Right now, about 1/3 of the cost of health care is wasted on unnecessary paperwork and figuring out the coordination of benefits (COB). Eliminating this bottleneck along will help offset the cost of those Americans who do not now have health insurance.

I will assure that all Americans, regardless of income or social status, have equality in access and coverage within our health care network. Coverage should not be tied to employment or wealth, and workers should not have to worry about coverage should they lose or change jobs. With employers no longer burdened with providing health care, there will be more money available for employers to hire more workers. In theory, this also means more money to pay better wages and offer better benefits. Businesses and workers prosper best when both have fewer encumbrances and more freedom. Greater freedom in the workplace means higher productivity and better wages. Good employers recognize this and will work with you to make it happen.

I propose that all Americans have the same coverage as members of Congress.

How do we pay for this benefit? One approach would be through a payroll deduction program similar to what workers already pay for Social Security and Medicare. These deductions are NOT taxes. Rather these prepayments are an investment in our future needs.

Part of health care reform is the expansion of medical schools attractive to those who want careers in the health care service industry. Whatever system we choose, doctors, nurses and support personnel are key to making it work. We need more dedicated health care professionals to service our growing population.

Some like to argue that a universal health care system will limit coverage or even deny it based on age or illness. This is simply not true. Today, private insurance does exactly what many fear. It limits coverage and determines who will get what's left. A private health insurance system remains unaccountable to the very people it is supposed to help. When government is involved, each of us has a say in accountability.

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