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Issue Position: My Take on Gov. Walker & the Wisconsin Recalls

Issue Position

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The upcoming recall election of Governor Walker is about one thing. Teachers and union workers are making too much money. The Governor has made them the bad guys so it is ok to attack them.

The average person in the state is underpaid so many people applaud his action. If we can't make a living wage, you union people shouldn't either. Private sector unions have come to the aid of the public unions because they have been under assault for years and know what it feels like. Corporations have sent jobs overseas and forced unions to make huge concessions or lose their jobs.

Since it is not possible to send public sector jobs overseas, the Governor will simply cut your wages instead. Then as time goes on he will outsource to private, for profit, companies those jobs as well. Getting rid of teachers will be tougher but doable in the Governor's mind. Corporate handouts will increase under the guise of "job creation". Corporate campaign donations will flow into the Governor's re-election fund and his life is good.

Quite a scheme from a man who never finished college, sold extended warranties at a department store and was elected Milwaukee County Executive in a recall election. His minister father must be very proud.

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