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Adams: "Highway Bill Ignores Fiscal Restraint and Congressional Reforms"


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Sandy Adams (FL-24) released the following statement about the highway/flood/student loan/rural schools conference report which passed the House today.

"It is time for Congress to stop following the same flawed playbook of the past. Why should hard-working families in Florida pay their gasoline taxes in Orlando to have them sent to Washington, D.C.? This defective transportation bill divvies up these taxes and uses them to cover bureaucratic costs and pet projects across the country. It then returns them at the current rate of 91 cents on the dollar back to Florida. Additionally, this legislation allows for new toll lanes on I-4, continues Florida's role as a donor state from the Highway Trust Fund, does nothing to expedite the approval of the Keystone pipeline, and it robs $18.8 billion from the general revenue fund.

"The bill before us today also packages together several unrelated pieces of legislation, rather than debating each bill on its merits. While reauthorizing flood insurance is important for Florida and my district, it should not be airdropped into a conference report in the dark of night to pass in a last minute vote before a holiday weekend. The House passed stand-alone flood insurance reauthorization, and the Senate should have dealt with it under regular order, not as an attachment to a totally unrelated bill. Like flood insurance, adding student loans and rural school provisions to this conference report is yet another example of an inability by those who are in positions of leadership to change the direction of Washington and get our federal government under control."

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