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Rep. Mike Thompson Statement on Passage of Two Year Transportation Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-1) today released the following statement on the passage of a bill that funds transportation projects for two years:

"The best way to get our economy back on track is to put folks to work rebuilding our roads, schools, railways and bridges. And that is why I co-authored an infrastructure jobs bill in the House identical to the bipartisan infrastructure legislation passed by the Senate more than three months ago. But, for more than 100 days, the House Majority refused to bring this bipartisan bill up for a vote, instead passing one short term extension after another.

"This delay in passing a bill has hurt our economy. Businesses can't make long-term decisions based on the knowledge that they'll have funding for only months at a time. Just last month, our economy lost 28,000 construction jobs. This was the industry's worst loss in two years. And even today, at the beginning of the summer construction season, businesses still have no idea as to what our transportation policy and corresponding funding are going to look like. The political delay caused us to miss this important window when job creation should have been at its peak.

"The delays were a blatant political move that kept people out of work. I am happy this bill finally passed, but it should have been passed months ago. The bill is 90 percent identical to the bill I co-authored more than 100 days ago. The people who will be put to work because of this bill should have already been working. Our economy will continue to struggle until this House Majority is willing to work across the aisle and put the interest of the American people ahead of the next election."

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