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Bill Johnson Statement on the June Jobs Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement today in response to the June jobs report showing that the unemployment rate remained at 8.2% with just 80,000 jobs being added to the economy.

"Today's jobs report is yet another clear reminder that President Obama's policies have failed America and continue to make our economy worse. It has now been 41 straight months that unemployment has remained above 8%, even after President Obama promised the American people that his failed "stimulus" package would keep unemployment at or below 8%," said Bill Johnson.

Johnson added, "Instead of focusing on reviving our economy over the past 3 ½ years, President Obama wasted time and trillions of taxpayer dollars on the failed 'stimulus' and a health care law that has led us to this point. He promised us that his health care law would create jobs, but over 40% of small businesses are saying that this disastrous law is keeping them from hiring and expanding. Next week, I will join my colleagues in once again voting to repeal the president's health care law. President Obama's economic policies are nothing more than broken promises covered in empty political rhetoric, and it is time he is held responsible."

"House Republicans have passed more than 30 jobs bills that would create much-needed jobs now. Unfortunately, because of partisan politics, the Democrat controlled Senate has failed to even consider them and President Obama has threatened to veto them. It's time for President Obama and Senate Democrats to work for the American people and remove the barriers to job creation so businesses -- small and large -- will have the confidence and incentive to hire. It's obvious that we can no longer afford the economic status quo of the Obama Administration."

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