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Position Paper for Carl Heastie

Location: Unknown

Budget areas such as education, the aging and elderly, and economic development are my three major priorities. As a state, we should stand together for the common good of our community.
This state is projected to face a deficit in the coming Fiscal Year. Due to the current state of the economy it will be difficult to bridge this gap, but cuts to essential services to a bulk of the people is not the way to go. We must ensure people have the knowledge and ability to provide for themselves and their families, through educational and career enhancement programs.
Education is a vital issue in the state, as it is the building block for the future workforce. Hit even harder are areas where people of color reside, as these types of cuts will result in already large class sizes getting bigger and after-school programs decreasing in the areas where we need them most. As a community we can not gamble with our children's future, we must have a sound system that adequately provides funding to educate future generetions. Education is important for all people of the state, as today's students become tomorrow's leaders. These children should not be denied that right.
Cuts in Medicaid have disproportionate impact on our community, hurting many New Yorkers, especially the poor and elderly. A culture is often judged by how they care for their elders and we can not balance a budget at the expense of our seniors. These types of services must be preserved to ensure that our elders are treated with dignity and the respect they have earned.
Economic Development has always been a prime issue that I have striven to address, In the Northeast Bronx, I have helped to establish a Business Outreach Center that helps to foster successful businesses and ecomonic growth in the Northeaxt Bronx.
The State Budgetis always a challenge to ensure that it is fiscally responsible and socially adequate. Preserving the temporary income tax surcharge on people who earn in excess of $200,00 is the most reasonable way to maintain a balanced budget.

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