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CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" - Transcript


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BOB SCHIEFFER: Senator Durbin, started Governor Barbour off with a quote from a Republican. Here's one from a Democrat, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote in The Huffington Post this week that President Obama did inherit a bad economy from George Bush. But he says, "The excuse is wearing thin. It is his economy now, and most voters don't care what inherited." And "if the economy stays bad," Robert Reich said "he's not going to be elected." Is that fair? Does he have a point?

SENATOR RICHARD DURBIN (Assistant Majority Leader): Well, I-- I tell you, it's-- it's clear that economy is the number one issue. It's also clear that the month that Obama was sworn into office we lost eight hundred thousand jobs that month. Last month we created eighty thousand jobs in the private sector. In the last twenty-eight months we have seen consistent private sector job growth. It is also clear that when it comes to contrasting, Mitt Romney has no economic plan. He wants to return us to those thrilling days of the bush yesteryears that brought us into this recession. But he has two other problems in his campaign that have really dragged him down, he can't get lift. The second one is the whole question of health care reform. Let's get down to the bottom line here. Mitt Romney is the Obamacare daddy. He gave birth to this baby up in Massachusetts and now he doesn't recognize it; he can't pick out any straight-- strains in the hereditary chain there that looked like anything that he did in Massachusetts. But let me tell you, Bob, there's a third issue looming here and it's all about a lighthouse off Nan-- Nantucket called Sand Katie. If you read the vi-- Vanity Fair piece and The Associated Press piece we understand the following. Mitt Romney has failed to make an economic disclosure that every President and candidate for President has made in the last thirty-six years goes back to his father, who disclosed twelve years of tax returns, he's disclosed one. Secondly, he is the first and only candidate for President of the United States with a Swiss bank account with tax shelters, with tax avoidance schemes that involve so many foreign countries. And the third is that when it comes down to his Swiss bank account, there is just no way to explain it.


SENATOR DICK DURBIN: You either get a Swiss bank account to conceal what you are doing or you believe the Swiss Franc is stronger than the American dollar.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, you're going to be surprised when I tell you this but Governor Barbour is sitting here just shaking his head while he is listening to you, senator-- governor.

HALEY BARBOUR: Well, it is reminiscent of Obama's campaigns and their Super-PAC ads. What's wrong with Mitt Romney from the left is he is a bad person. He doesn't care about people like you. Senator Durbin makes him sound like he's dishonest. Well the fact of the matter is this is a guy who has a spectacular career and record, enormously generous, has given away millions and millions of dollars. That he made not of the government's money but of money he made, but the point that-- that Senator Durbin glossed over is jobs. The idea that somebody can have presided over an economy that has created a couple of million jobs-- if you want to look at a real recovery, Bob, look after the last deep recession 1982. We were creating three, four, five hundred thousand jobs a month. Last month more people went on Social Security Disability than got a job. In April three times more Americans gave up looking for a job because they couldn't find one than got one. And so, yeah, they-- you know, they want to gloss over the economy and jobs. The facts are that this is the worst recovery after any recession in memory, at least since World War II, and the American people understand one of the big reasons is Obama's policies make it harder to create jobs.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, let's see what Senator Durbin says about that.

SENATOR DICK DURBIN: I can just tell you this: let's use a specific example. Let's take a look at the automobile industry and I don't think Governor Barbour wants to talk about it because that's a success story. Here is President Obama making a commitment to put people back to work, good paying jobs in Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin and Illinois, good paying jobs across America. Last month, of the eighty thousand jobs created, seven thousand were in the automobile industry sector which is coming back strong. What was Governor Romney's position? Step away, let them fail. That is not a policy that's going to build America. And secondly, I don't begrudge the fact that Mitt Romney was successful as a businessman, out shoring-- offshoring and in outsourcing jobs, but we also, I think, I hope the governor agrees with me, believe that Governor Romney should be held to the same level, standard of disclosure of every presidential candidate in the last thirty-six years--

BOB SCHIEFFER: All right. Well, let me just--

SENATOR DICK DURBIN: --and should give us at least the tax returns he gave John McCain.

BOB SCHIEFFER: All right. Haley Barbour, yes or no?

HALEY BARBOUR: I absolutely think it's great that the automobile industry is recovering, a lot of it's in Mississippi, lot of those jobs were created in Mississippi but let's understand there are alternative ways for the automobile industry to recover without the taxpayers having to do the bailout.


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