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Rep. Bonner Welcomes Signing of RESTORE Act into Law


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Jo Bonner, R-Alabama, welcomed news Friday that President Obama officially signed the RESTORE Act finally making it the law of the land.

"The approval of RESTORE clears a path for hundreds of millions -- and potentially billions of dollars -- from BP and others involved in the Deepwater Horizon spill to fund local Gulf Coast economic and environmental restoration, including in Baldwin and Mobile counties," said Congressman Bonner.

"The tragic 2010 oil spill disrupted our regional economy and the environment in ways that will take many years to restore. Gulf Coast lawmakers had a short window in which to pass the RESTORE Act to ensure that a majority of future Clean Water Act fine money paid by BP will directly flow to the region most harmed by this unprecedented disaster.

"Without RESTORE, the BP oil spill fine money would have simply gone to the federal treasury with very little direct benefit to our region. It has taken a year to get to the finish line, but the Gulf Coast can finally breathe a sigh of relief," Congressman Bonner added.

While the RESTORE Act is now law, funds will not be available until after the federal government and BP, along with other parties involved in the spill, reach an agreement.

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